Reschio Estate

A castle built in 1050, refined several times over the course of a millennium up to a radical, but respectful restoration which, at the end of the twentieth century, transformed it into a hotel with inimitable glamor, resorting to an erudite, highly cultured “pastiche” from different periods and citations, wonderfully combined. An estate of 1500 hectares, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, in which wooded hills, countryside, rows of cypresses and pine trees alternate. The “Reschio Estate” takes hospitality to a higher dimension, transforming it into a real artistic expression. The open air swimming pool, in which the green tones of the garden reverberate, and the winter garden, a refined tribute to the cast-iron architecture of the early 1900s, are authentic masterpieces. Last but not least, the gourmet cuisine and the Spa, a treasure chest of shadows and beneficial vapors. A remote, undisturbed paradise in the heart of Italy.

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