Capri Palace

When they wished to rest from the nerve-wracking commitments of political life, the Roman emperors had a favorite refuge, Capri. The sunny weather, the elementary, rugged and shining beauty of that landscape of cliffs and sea, the Olympic stillness, the sumptuous villas, brought them back to a divine “otium”. The same feelings of total abandonment, of sublime hedonism, can now be experienced at the “Capri Palace”, a Jumeirah affiliated hotel, perched on a cliff that embraces the entire Gulf of Naples. The harmonious architectural layout, which evokes the patrician domus, with works of art, lush gardens and panoramic swimming pools, is imbued with Mediterranean light. The “L’Olivo” restaurant, awarded with two Michelin stars, masterfully reinterprets the culinary inventiveness of ancient banquets, extracting the most intoxicating secret from local products. An immersion in pleasure that ascends to the empyrean in the “Capri Medical Spa”, a holistic center of global fame. Even a Roman emperor would not believe his own eyes.