Castel Monastero

A fortified village which played an important role in the political and territorial struggles of the Sienese countryside, the first evidence of which dates back to 1044. All around the hills of Chianti, their alternation of crops – vineyards, olive groves, orchards – and woods of oaks or hazelnuts. “Castel Monastero”, formerly a manor and then an aristocratic country residence, distills the essence of a timeless, classic Tuscany, on whose perfect, naturally pictorial landscapes overlook the refined rooms and suites. In addition to the view, the other four senses also exult here, thanks to a Spa of over a thousand square meters, which offers various regenerating itineraries, and to two gourmet restaurants, where you can enjoy the best of the local gastronomy, accompanied by sumptuous wines. A joy not to be missed.