Fonteverde Tuscany

It is no surprise that the 2020 World Spa Awards elected it, as the latest title in a large, prestigious roll of international awards, “World’s Best Countryside Hotel Spa”. A Spa resort can hardly compete with “Fonteverde”, in the beautiful medieval village of San Casciano dei Bagni, in Val d’Orcia, perhaps the area that best sums up the landscape, historical and cultural characteristics of Tuscany. The Medici residence in which it is developed, commissioned at the beginning of the 1600s by Grand Duke Ferdinando I, deserves attention for its excellent architectural value. The hydrotherapy paths promote global well-being, combining the benefits of the Spa with diet programs, gymnastic exercises and meditation practices. Another legacy that comes from Humanism, from its complete idea of what health means, in Latin, “mens sana in corpore sano”.