Grand Hotel Timeo Belmond

In 1873, Francesco La Floresta, a notable from Taormina, decided to convert his house into a hotel, which many foreign guests flocked to and fell in love with the paintings that a Prussian watercolorist created from his terrace. He then decided to rename it with the name of an important historian, Timaeus, born in the Hellenic colony of Tauromenio, the ancient Taormina, towards the middle of the 4th century. b. C. The philosopher Plato, who lived for different periods in Sicily, titled after another Timaeus, in that same period, a dialogue describing the creation of the universe by a divine architect. And indeed the fabulous viewpoint of the hotel, opening onto a vast, luminous landscape, where the American writer Truman Capote spent two years and DH Lawrence composed “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, allows you to contemplate the primeval spectacle of the cosmos, natural and human together: the Greek theater, not far away, the fragrant gardens of Mediterranean essences, the dazzling Ionian Sea, the titanic Etna, fundamentally Sicily in its perfect image. The sumptuous interiors, with an impeccable classic decoration, receive the gentle breeze of the sea, and the Michelin-starred “Otto Geleng” restaurant sublimates traditional island dishes … an ecstatic immersion into the world.