Il Melograno

The word “masseria” derives from a Latin term, “massa”, which indicated a rural property and its various productive buildings. And in fact the oldest origin of these farms, which arose in southern Italy between the 16th and 18th centuries, a time when the Spanish governors favored the economy of large estates, can be seen in the sumptuous villas that spread during the late Roman Empire, and with greater concentration in the south of the peninsula. The first Italian “masseria” to be converted into an accommodation facility is “Il Melograno”, dating back to the 17th century, not far from the delightful seaside town of Monopoli, in Puglia: immersed in centuries-old olive trees, it reinterprets the rural tradition, its innate elegance, with an exquisite touch, both in the accommodations of sober beauty and in the exquisite culinary offer … the essence of the South!