Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

It would take an impressionist painter, a Monet or a Bazille, to portray, in its pure essence of air, light, colors, the charm of the “Lefay Resort & Spa”. The sunny Riviera dei Limoni, the panoramic park, where olive trees and tufts of lavender, the aquatic mass of the lake, rests in opalescent vapors. The clearness diffused in this landscape infuses its own serene, subdued inspiration to the accommodations, with warm, creamy tones, and clean design. The soul is soothed, caressed. The same concept, inspired by principles of balance and delicacy, guides the Vital Gourmet philosophy, attentive to the wholesomeness and freshness of strictly local foods prepared in the two exquisite restaurants. An integral wellness immersion that continues with the treatments of the Spa, marked by an original syncretism between the therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine and those of Western science. You can be reborn on Lake Garda.