Olive oil tasting tour in Portofino

Enjoy an exclusive and sustainable experience on the slopes of Portofino Mountain. You will be welcomed in the olive farm of a local family, who has continued with passion the traditional activity of olive growing and oil making. The location is breathtaking: a beautiful country estate surrounded by terraced gardens and olive trees. From here the view extends over the whole Gulf of Portofino. And it will be just for you since the family opens the doors of their gorgeous house just for our guests. Accompanied by the producer, have a walk among the olive trees and taste the unique olive oil they produce. Then, your host will show you how to prepare “pesto” with a mortar and pestle. You will then savour a dish of hand-made pasta seasoned with freshly made “pesto”, a farm to table salad, fruit, local cookies and coffee, all accompanied by local wine! Definitely a one of a kind experience!