The art of Perugian glass

Rightly famous for the production of chocolate, Perugia boasts another, less known excellence: artistic glasswork. The amazing polychrome stained glass window that stands in the apse of the Basilica of San Domenico, a masterpiece of fifteenth-century Gothic and one of the largest in Italy, measures 23 meters in height and 8.5 meters in width and is an eminent testimony of the wonderful Perugian glass art. This long-lived city tradition experienced a new impetus in the mid-19th century, thanks to the affirmation of the neo-Gothic style, and in 1859/60 the Studio Moretti-Caselli was born in a noble fifteenth century palace; since then it has continued to create magnificent stained glass windows, which can be admired in numerous Umbrian churches. During the visit to the valuable museum-laboratory, where everything is frozen in the fascinating “pre-Raphaelite” setting desired by the founders, you will discover rare relics and processing techniques.