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Garda’s wonders

Anciently the Latin poet Catullus, a native of Verona, sang the beauties of Lake Garda, or Benaco, and the slightly younger Virgilio, a native of nearby Mantua, compared it to a sea. And truly the largest lake basin in Italy looks like a fragment of the Mediterranean nestled between the pre-Alpine mountains to the north and soft morainic hills to the south. Its influence mitigates the climate, and allows lemons and olive trees to thrive in unexpected latitudes. The landscape acquires a joyful, pleasant splendor. Along the banks are scattered elegant towns, stately villas, medieval castles, spas that have been frequented for at least two thousand years. A finer, more perfect little Italy inside Italy.

Detailed Tour Program

Verona Travel Italy City
1° day: Verona

Arrive at the airport, meet with our driver and transfer to Verona for check-in at the hotel. In the afternoon, experience a food and wine themed private visit of the city of Romeo and Juliet, whose center, rich in testimonies ranging from the Roman age (the famous Arena) to the Renaissance, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: discover various monumental sites, from Palazzo Melegatti to Piazza Erbe, historical and artistic references to the specialties of Veronese cuisine, such as “pandoro”, “pearà”, “risi and bisi”. At the end of the tour savour a tasting of local products. Have dinner at leisure and return to the hotel.

Lake Garda Italy Travel Luxury
2° day: Verona - Sirmione - Gargnano

After breakfast at the hotel, depart with our driver for Sirmione and meet with our private guide for a short walking tour. At the end of it, get on Riva motorboat for a great tour of Lake Garda, and admire the Villa of Maria Callas, the so-called Grotte di Catullo, the remains of a luxurious Roman domus, the Jamaica beach, the sulphurous springs of Fonte Boiola and the imposing Scaligero Castle. Disembark and enjoy lunch at leisure in Sirmione, after which you will meet with our driver and be transferred to the “Lefay Resort” hotel, where you will check-in and be greeted with a welcome cocktail. Experience dinner at the hotel and relax for the night.

Gargnano Lake Garda Travel Italy
3° day: Gargnano

Have breakfast at the hotel, meet with our guide and transfer for a mountain bike tour in the Gargnano area, along the sunny “Riviera dei Limoni” in the Alto Garda Bresciano Park. At the end of the ride, return to the hotel, enjoy dinner at leisure and turn in for the night.

Lake Garda Italy Travel
4° day: Gargnano

After breakfast at the hotel, get transferred to the pretty port of Gargnano, from where you will depart for a lake navigation aboard a sumptuous and comfortable customized Frauscher 1017 Lido motorboat. In the evening, return to the hotel for dinner at leisure.

Lemon House Garda Lake Travel
5° day: Gargnano

Have breakfast at the hotel and meet with our driver to go to Gargnano, where you will visit a lemon house, a typical greenhouse terrace of the Garda civilization, dating back to the sixteenth century and still active. During the journey through the plant, you will learn the traditional cultivation techniques that make this lake the northernmost point in the world where lemons grow. At the end we recommend a walk in the center of Gargnano. In the evening, return to the hotel for dinner at leisure.

Lake Garda Italy
6° day: Gargnano

After breakfast at the hotel enjoy a day of pure relaxation with a rejuvenating treatment in the prestigious Spa of the structure. Have lunch at the Pool Bar and dinner at the resort’s excellent “Trattoria”, which offers the most genuine local cuisine with a gourmet key.

Italy Travel Lake Garda Valtenesi
7° day: Gargnano - Valtenesi Winery - Gargnano

Have breakfast at the hotel and depart with our driver towards Valtenesi, a hilly area overlooking the western shore of Lake Garda, famous for its wine production and a DOC brand. Visit a biodynamic winery, immersed in an oasis of peace. Return to the hotel for dinner at leisure.

8° day: Gargnano

After breakfast at the hotel get privately transferred to the airport of your choice



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