Trieste, Europe’s crossroads

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Roman, Venetian, Austrian, Italian, Slav, poised between East and West, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Levant: Trieste, the “Vienna on the Sea”, free port, stateless, multilingual and multi-soul city, built steeply on a slice of the Adriatic Sea at the crossroads of an entire civilization; one of the most fervent cultural salons of the continent between the 19th and 20th centuries, frequented by personalities such as Joyce, Rilke, Svevo, Burton. This itinerary starts with a tour of Trieste’s sumptuous urban layout, an Art Nouveau setting tending to Rococo, which opens like a backdrop to the sea, and its historic cafes, where you can breathe the nobly crepuscular atmosphere of the late Habsburg Empire, in addition to exploring the Collio wine region, on the border with Slovenia, and touches on two other splendid cities in the Italian north-east, Venice and Verona.

Detailed Tour Program

Portopiccolo View Boats Sea Travel Italy Trieste
1° day: Portopiccolo

Transfer with our private driver to the Falisia Resort & Spa in Portopiccolo, an eco-sustainable village with a sophisticated architectural design, recently inaugurated, nestled between the majestic cliffs of a disused karst stone quarry, which forms an intimate,  romantic bay on the sea within the Duino Nature Reserve. In the afternoon, relax  at the Hotel Wellness Center & Spa. We then recommend dinner in the hotel restaurant before turning in for the night.

Trieste Waterfront Port Boats Italy Travel
2° day: Portopiccolo - Trieste - Portopiccolo

Have breakfast at the hotel and meet with our driver for a private transfer to Trieste; once there, get ready for a walking tour of about 2 hours, focusing on the waterfront between Porto Vecchio and Rogers Station, with a stop in one of the historic cafes that overlook the sumptuous Piazza Unità d’Italia; many of these cafes were inaugurated as early as the 1700s and are still an essential meeting place for every true “triestino”, including famous writers and intellectuals. Return to the hotel and rest for the evening.

Collio Wine Vineyards Italy Travel
3° day: Portopiccolo - Collio - Portopiccolo

After breakfast at the hotel, take our private transfer to the Collio, a soft network of hills sloping down to the Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia. In the morning enjoy a visit to the vinegar factory of a wonderful Country Resort, with the possibility of a lunch savouring the many Friulian specialties, revisited with sublime flair, of its Michelin Star Trattoria. In the afternoon, move on to one of the most famous estates of this renowned wine-growing district, whose DOC label includes 19 types of wines. Return to the hotel and rest for the evening.

Venice Gondola Canals Travel Italy
4° day: Portopiccolo - Venice

Have breakfast at the hotel, meet with our driver and depart for Venice, check-in at the “St. Regis” hotel and take your time to relax. In the afternoon, enjoy a walk through the streets of the city and a characteristic gondola ride with a private guide. At the end of the tour, return to the hotel, where we recommend an aperitif on the veranda and a dinner in the prestigious restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute. 

Aperitif Venice Spritza Canals Gondola Travel Italy
5° day: Venice

After breakfast at the hotel, get ready to start an excursion of about 3 hours with our private guide to discover the ancient crafts that will remind you of the swarm of trade, culture and meetings of the Serenissima: from an artistic glass factory founded in 1397 you will move on to a “made-to-measure” jewelry shop and a goldbeater workshop, where gold is literally beaten with a massive hammer and reduced into thin sheets, and finally a studio to observe the paper marbling technique  called “Ebru“, of  Turkish origins. At the end, enjoy an aperitif based on “cicchetti”, the traditional lagoon “tapas”, in a “bacaro“, a typical Venetian tavern. Return to the hotel and rest for the evening.

Romeo Juliet Verona Balcony Travel Italy
6° day: Venice - Verona

Transfer to Verona for check-in at the hotel Due Torri. In the afternoon, experience a food and wine themed private visit of the city of Romeo and Juliet, whose center, rich in testimonies ranging from the Roman age (the famous Arena) to the Renaissance, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: discover various monumental sites, from Palazzo Melegatti to Piazza Erbe, historical and artistic references to the specialties of Veronese cuisine, such as “pandoro”, “pearà” and “risi and bisi”. At the end of the tour savour a tasting of local products. Have dinner at leisure and return to the hotel. 

Lake Garda Italy Travel Luxury
7° day: Verona - Sirmione - Verona

After breakfast at the hotel, depart with our driver for Sirmione and meet with our private guide for a short walking tour. At the end of it, get on a Riva motorboat for a great tour of Lake Garda, and admire the Villa of Maria Callas, the so-called Grotte di Catullo, the remains of a luxurious Roman domus, the Jamaica beach, the sulphurous springs of Fonte Boiola and the imposing Scaligero Castle. Have dinner at leisure and return to the hotel. 

Verona View Sunset Italy Travel
8° day: Verona

After breakfast at the hotel, get privately transferred to the airport of your choice.



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