Sea, art and flavours

Experience a concert by Maestro Bocelli at the Theatre of Silence

The sublime essence of the South

A great morning to spend in the biggest food market in Genoa

Revitalize yourself in globally renowned SPAs

Savour unique Piedmontese food and wine specialities



Our itineraries enhance the extraordinary naturalistic, historical and cultural wealth of the Bel Paese
Milan and Lombardy, Venice and the North-East
7 Days
 / 6 Nights
Ever since the first manifestations of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, the history of opera has…


Unique activities that will make you go deep inside the truest soul of Italy, from North to South

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Exclusive structures where charm and tradition meet in an unforgettable dream
Puglia and Salento
An eighteenth-century Count’s residence with a white, clean façade made of tuff blocks, which dominates the rocky…

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